Isaac Escalante

From Mexico City based in the United States

Originated from Mexico, Isaac Escalante is currently in the top 5 DJ Music Producers in the circuit scene today. With his tribal and electro sounds , Isaac has captured the attention of club goers and promoters worldwide. Headlining some of the biggest festivals across the world, Isaac always delivers a unique set that keeps him in high demand. Holding a residency since 2015 for Ric Sena’s Alegria in NYC to his residency in Brazil at South America’s largest nightclub The Week, experiencing Isaac’s journey of music is a must if you’re a die hard music fan. Studio time is where Isaac shows his true talent, producing such tracks as “Like a Man” , “Excuse Me For My Beauty”, “Turn It”, “Stand Up”, and many more throughout the years, his tracks have become a necessity to dance floors across the world.

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